Fabrik gives you real-time, structured engagement with customers that yields progressively deeper data insights through personal, human connections.

Throw a real-time 'Fabrik' over your community

The fast pace of technological change and adoption has made customer engagement increasingly difficult to manage. Technology afford customers and companies many options for engagement, but how can companies keep track of the flow of information in and out of the organisation? More importantly, how can this engagement retain the authenticity of a real, intimate, human connection? To address this, Fabrik creates real-time information and service convergence through its three key approaches: Context, Conversation, and Choreography.


Fabrik facilitates highly contextual customer engagement through real-time, media enriched communication. Furthermore, companies are able to better understand the customer’s context through structured data representation that yields specialised and broad data insights.


Build trust over time through personalised and contextual customer engagement. Fabrik enables this by balancing public broadcast capabilities with private engagement. Fabrik deepens this level of trust by ensuring no data-leakage, third-party observation, or harvesting of customer data occurs.


Fabrik is focused on making customer engagement more human. The platform fosters human connection so that you and the customer you serve become one community with shared value creation.

The Fabrik modules


The “white-label” Fabrik mobile app offers a compelling customer experience, while maintaining a degree of customisation for your business needs. The customisation is enabled through the apps architecture which allows for continuous improvement and feature development – at the cost of a monthly subscription fee.


Smashboard is a real-time, consolidated messaging and engagement dashboard for Fabrik. It offers a powerful single view of the audience by converging messaging from various sources that range from SMS, social media, and the mobile apps direct messaging service.


Leverage the power of this messaging service to bring your community closer through Fabrik. The service enables customer conversations to be enriched by images, audio and content in real-time. Enriched enagement such as this fosters a sense of intimacy and convenience. This is engagement for the modern era.


Get real-time and over-time statistical views of your customer community to drive data insights. Customer data is transformed into insights using analytics, Machine Learning & Cognitive Services available through Fabrik. Insights gained can be used to enrich the customer’s user experience, drive impactful outcomes, and create innovation by joining the dots to drive top-line and bottom-line yield.


Easily capture and publish on-air content into podcasts in real-time via a simple web-based interface. No more production-related lag in getting your program features published as podcasts – simply start recording, stop recording, and publish.

An ecosystem of possibilities

the immedia ecosystem

immedia has created intellectual property for the media industry in the real-time digital space for over 2 decades. Fabrik is created, developed and delivered through a team of media veterans with an undeniable track record, such as Phil Molefe (Chairman of the NFVF) and Anice Hassim (founder of immedia). The team has delivered mobile and cloud-first solutions for clients such as DStv, SuperSport, Computicket and the Springboks.


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