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Build highly engaged and loyal digital audiences alongside your traditional broadcast audience. 

a suite
of digital tools

Mobile app

​Elevate your audience engagement through our feature-rich mobile apps available on both Apple and Android platforms. With seamless live streaming, interactive messaging channels, and public chatrooms, your listeners can connect with your station and each other in real time.

  • Streaming & Song Info

  • Pre-Rolls & Multiple Streams

  • On-demand Podcasts

  • Messaging to Studio – voice notes, video, etc.

  • Multiple, customised messaging channels

  • Service Directory

  • Integration with your site, social media content


​Our messaging dashboard serves as your command center for audience interaction. Engage with listeners through targeted messages, announcements, and promotions, fostering a sense of community.

  • Unified Messaging Dashboard

  • Social Media Integration

  • Receive App Messages

  • Send Messages to individuals or groups

  • Audience Profiling

  • Voice-Note Playout

  • Campaign Management


​Turn live on-air moments into podcasts effortlessly. Our podcasting functionality allows you to quickly share engaging content with a wider audience through app and website integration.

  • Real-Time Podcasting

  • Live Streaming

  • Web Widgets

  • Rich Metadata Tagging

  • Content Management

  • Audio Cloud Archival

Audio Backup

  • Mitigates risk with Cloud archive and audit trail.

  • Enhances compliance and regulatory needs.

  • Ensures transparency and accountability across departments (sales, legal, programming). 

Revenue Generation

​Unlock new revenue streams with strategically placed advertising spots within your apps. Generate income by offering ad spaces for sale, and explore sponsorship opportunities for podcasts and live events.

  • Featured Content

  • Smart App Billboards

  • Audio Pre-Rolls

  • On-Air Campaign Integration

  • Sponsored Message Channels

  • Direct Alerts

  • Directory Listings

  • Dialboard

  • Competitions

  • Featured Content

  • Rich Data Analytics

  • Real-Time Overviews

  • App Sessions

  • Streams & Podcasts

  • Listener Location

  • Device/OS Profiling

  • Campaign Reporting

  • Engagement Metrics

  • Trends & Insights

  • Downloads/Registration

The Fabrik value stack for Radio

  • Live Streaming
  • Podcasting
  • Mobile App Dev
  • Analytics


  • Messaging Engagement
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Content Creation
  • Call-to-action


  • Market Intelligence
  • Listener Profiling
  • Sentiment Analysis 
  • Social Media Consolidation 


  • Audio Archival
  • Data Ownership
  • Privacy & Security

Broadcast I.T. Compliance

  • Digital Inventory
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Ad Management
  • Trends & Insights


  • Supplier Consolidation 
  • Visibility
  • Database Management
  • Efficient Workflows


The Digital Challenge for Broadcasters

  • Lack of digital audience ownership due to fragmentation across social media platforms
  • Fragmented audience engagement channels
  • Costs & complexity of digital supply-chain, infrastructure & development
  • Limited digital revenue & control
  • No consolidated intelligence around digital audience, trends & insights
  • Inefficient operational workflows
  • High cost of innovation & digital strategy

The Engagement Dividend

  • TRUST, INTIMACY, IDENTITY, DATA & INSIGHTS grow deeper the more we move the audience from ON AIR to APP.

  • The FM BROADCAST and APP bookend the real-time feedback loops that create a highly engaged and loyal audience.

  • The mobile app audience is your most loyal, highest engaged, most rapidly choreographed listener.

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