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Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation supplement periodic on-air coverage with 24/7app-based reporting

The Indian Ocean Island Gamesis an annual highlight for Fabrik customer, Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation–who have secured an app for each of their radio stations, the Creole-language based Radyo Sesel and the English-language-based Paradise FM.

Whilst coverage was provided on-air in regular news and sports inserts, in 2019 the stations created a dedicated app-based feed to provide more real-time coverage of the games within the Paradise FM and Radyo Sesel mobile apps. These channels were set up so that only authorized members of the team could post content in the channel, opting for the informational or ‘broadcast’ mode rather than the typical conversational format. This content related to updates on the Seychelles team, audio and video clips of the events and images of the event.

Key Findings

•Monthly Active Users increased to 160% on Paradise FM and 148% on RadyoSesel.

•Monthly App Visits increased by 223% on Paradise FM and 205% on Radyo Sesel.

•In-App Live Streaming increased by 288% for Paradise FM and 300% for Radyo Sesel.

•The opening Announcement for the games caused a spike in Radyo Sesel in-app listening. This message was delivered as a direct alert to the IOIG channel within the app.


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