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Delight your advertisers with smarter promotions

Within the Fabrik platform, you're offered a number of opportunities to generate revenue and impress your advertisers!

Many of our customers are experimenting with the different advertising options available within the platform, and gaining confidence implementing and reporting on app-powered campaigns.

In an effort to help you do so with greater ease, we're exploring a few unique yet simple campaign executions that can be used to boost audience growth, engagement and, of course, revenue!

These executions make use of Fabrik's advertising, engagement and data insights capabilities, making them easy for your team to implement and accessible for any advertiser.

Campaign #1 - Keyword Campaign

Keyword Campaign Execution.

Possible Uses: A first-time advertiser seeking to engage with your audience, or as an internal campaign to increase audience engagement and time spent listening.

Execution: This execution involves a simple mechanic requesting entrants to engage with the station's Contact Us conversation using a particular keyword.

Smashboard's Campaign Manager would be used to create a campaign that runs behind the scenes to collate all received text, image and audio messages tagged with that particular keyword.

Configure your campaigns using Campaign Manager.

The campaign would also monitor engagement and be used to pick winners - info that can be packaged and shared with your advertiser during or after the campaign.

Watch how a well-known Gauteng-based Radio Station used this execution to increase time spent listening and audience engagement!

Campaign #2 - Voice Note with Text

Voice Note + Keyword Campaign Execution.

Possible Uses: A first-time advertiser, or an advertiser who'd like to connect with your audience.

Execution: Fabrik's mobile app offers the unique ability to attach text to a voice-note, making it easier to track entries and drive engagement for that particular campaign.

This execution is a variation of the previous one, with the addition of a voice-note sent along with the campaign keyword.

Again, Smashboard is used to set up and track campaign engagement, as well as to play campaign-related voice-note content during your live broadcast.

Fabrik's Metrics application can also be used to gain real-time engagement data and insights, as well as offer your advertisers a peek into how the campaign is performing in-flight.

An example of Metrics' App Engagement data.

Before the campaign begins, ensuring that your app's registration profile fields are set up with information you deem important can provide you with insightful information about your audience.

Campaign #3 - Sponsored Channel and/or QR Code

Sponsored Channel + QR Campaign Execution.

Possible Uses: A trusted advertiser who is interested in connecting with your community, and open to experimenting with different inventory options.

Execution: Buying a sponsored conversation or channel within your app offers your advertiser a simple-to-implement, yet powerful tool for building brand intimacy and trust with your audience.

Listeners would be invited to engage within the channel to win daily prizes or access exclusive content like QR codes or vouchers.

A campaign billboard, audio pre-roll or branded push notification can be added to create awareness and drive engagement to the channel, offering your advertiser tangible value.

Campaign #4 - App Takeover

App Takeover Campaign Execution.

Possible Uses: An advertiser who has budget available and is looking to build extreme brand intimacy with your audience.

Execution: A powerful, immersive campaign execution including a combination or all available advertising inventory depending on the campaign objective/s.

  • Livestream and podcast pre-rolls - consistent brand messaging and re-enforcement of the campaign message

  • Featured podcasts - branded with a logo or campaign imagery for added brand visibility

  • Billboards - re-iterate the campaign calls-to-action, or add a URL linking to your advertiser's website or online form

  • Sponsored Conversation or Channel - send out targeted campaign messaging on an opt-in basis from a sponsored Channel, or get your audience talking in a sponsored Conversation

  • Dialboard - offer your audience the ability to contact your advertiser with the tap of a button

  • Branded concierge button - give your audience the opportunity to request a call-back from your advertiser via a branded attention button

Easily access real-time analytics and reporting within Fabrik's Metrics application, to measure the effectiveness of the campaign as well as your advertiser's return on investment.

Whether you're an existing Fabrik customer or are thinking about how Fabrik can help to generate revenue during your next campaign - we hope these suggestions help you get started, or inspire you to think differently about how to create engaging campaigns with your audience!

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