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What can Fabrik do for Radio?

We have a solution to a key strategic need for broadcast owners. The need to digitise your audience, at scale, as rapidly as possible with complete ownership of your databases and data.

Behind that is the exhaust of Storytelling, Services and radio’s real-time choreography – all engaging a high-trust community.

The most important ability of a media platform must be the ability to command engagement: ‘I will pause what I am doing and pay attention to YOU’.

Such a platform can only be built by master craftspeople of the media trade and by master craftspeople of the digital trade collaborating in a shared quest.

By a team that understands the difference between man and machine.

That understands convergence. True convergence. Convergence that unleashes the superpower that only radio has: Trust.

Radio has always been a high trust medium. It has always operated with a sense of community. It doesn’t have customers, it has an audience. An audience because you broadcast and they receive. The return path offers a very thin feedback loop but, thin as it is, radio has been able to build high-trust communities.

What happens if you can massively increase your audience engagement feedback loop intimately to you? And do that within weeks?

You would begin to build higher trust communities and, if trust is the commodity in increasingly scarce supply, it would imply that this offers you the chance to reprice this digital radio community.

This is the strategic opportunity that Fabrik gives you: to begin digitising your audience while rapidly retooling your workflows within weeks, at costs that move from capex to opex and, as rapidly as you want, to revenue.

Now that’s a feedback loop.

Fabrik offers media owners the chance to focus on the main challenge ahead of them. How to retool your habits, workflows and operations to a serve a real time audience that is co creating and participatory with you.


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