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Milestone update for Smashboard

This month, a big version update to Smashboard was rolled out, incorporating the following performance improvements and bug fixes:


  • Message Scrolling: To avoid confusion, we’ve removed the vertical scroll intercept which translated vertical into horizontal scrolling – so you can now only scroll sideways, either with a trackpad, the left/right keys, the navigation arrows, or via the scroll bar.

  • Provider Toggling: All message providers are selected by default and can now be individually deselected to remove related content from being displayed. If all providers are individually deselected, they will all be automatically reset to enabled.

  • Compose a Tweet: We have added the ability to compose and send a tweet from an already-added ‘Provider’. This can be done from the ‘Profile dropdown’ menu in the top-right of the Smashboard interface.

  • Search: The search functionality has been simplified and you will no longer need to toggle the search with a button as it is now a persistent search bar (minimum 3 characters).

  • Trending filters: Trending terms can now be toggled to filter related messages

  • Displaying Member's Phone Number: The member's phone number is now displayed in the detail screen of the message.

  • Message ‘Velocity’ stats bar: The total message count for the past 3 hours (per provider) has been added to the stats bar in the top-left section of the display.

  • Campaigns: The selected campaign is now displayed in the campaign drop down and styling has been improved. If there are no active campaigns, the dropdown is not displayed.

  • Light Box: The size of the Light Box media viewer has been increased and is now a constant size, irrespective of the displayed content. Any message text is associated with the media is now also displayed here.

  • Date search: The search label is now displayed from ‘start date’ to ‘end date’. The label also correctly reflects when a ‘Lifetime’ search is active.


  • A bug causing the ‘Lifetime’ button on the date filter dropdown to occasionally need to be clicked twice.

  • A bug causing the Member Profile background to occasionally be displayed incorrectly when viewing ‘All Engagements’.


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