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Real-Time Communication is Key

This month’s Mindshift event held earlier today brought with it new questions for our attendees from the real-estate industry.

“Completely challenged my ideas of social media – real-time communication being key!”


“Fabrik offers brands the chance to focus on the main challenge ahead of them. How to retool your habits, workflows, and operations to a serve a real-time audience that is co-creating and participatory with you,” said Mindshift presenter and founder of the immedia ecosystem, Anice Hassim.

The audience was introduced to digital practices and tools that can be implemented by businesses and the individual consumer that will take them into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and directly impact their business strategy.

In reaction to the seminar, an attendee in the Real-Estate Industry pondered on the implications for the future of their business, profession and customers.

“Fascinating and thought-provoking… Completely challenged my ideas of social media i.e. how we are trying to use it like mass media and not how it is intended – real-time communication being key.

“We’re grappling with how to create the ecosystem and add value to communities. Would love to explore how it could be applied to my real-estate career and I would like to explore this…

“In an extremely competitive environment, all real-estate agents have the same platforms to market themselves on. All agencies receive the same training and it is outdated. We must consider how feasible and possible it is to change this way of thinking.”


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