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Monetise your Mobile app engagement

Fabrik offers a multitude of platform inventory options that you can use for in-house campaigns or offer to advertisers!

Consolidating your audience engagement and feedback through your own mobile app offers you possibilities that transform your connection with your listener:

  • your most engaged, most responsive audience segment is now in your branded space, ready to be activated;

  • a quick push notification will bring them back into your environment within seconds to keep engaging and listening;

  • and the workflows behind the app will help you reach your app-based audience as well as those scattered around social media - all at the same time.

But even more significantly, you now have aggregated insights into your audience's behaviour and profile that were previously unheard of:

  • you can now tell when your audience is most likely to engage with you;

  • you know which kind of audio content they really enjoy;

  • and you can even see in real time who is engaging with you and how!

While these benefits are transformative for your operations, the possibilities are attractive to any advertiser looking for the best value for their advertising spend.

A natural progression for our clients across a variety of industries is to engage with advertising partners to create commercial campaigns or even generate additional revenue for your organisation.

And even for brands that are non-profit, you now have the ability to generate revenue for community-focused initiatives based on a rate-card you come up with, in accordance with your selected advertising offering.

The inventory available for your mobile app and audio content can be incorporated into integrated campaigns with your customer, or even for raising awareness of internal promotions or features.

Audio Inventory

This inventory is accessible everywhere your live stream and podcasts can be found:

  • the live stream and podcast section in your app

  • the live stream and podcast on your website

  • and even when your podcasts are shared on social media.

A Featured Podcast is a podcast that is pinned to the top of the Rewind section within your app or website, which can be sold to an advertiser or used for an internal campaign or promotion.

Another smart use of a Featured Podcast is to promote a longer-form piece of audio like a popular interview, a viral on-air moment, or even an off-air audio file that wasn't played in your usual broadcast but would be of interest to your listeners.

A screenshot of a Featured podcast.
Set a podcast as 'Featured'

You can either set an existing podcast as Featured or easily upload a Featured Podcast via your Echocast audio management dashboard. Here's a quick demo from a recent webinar to get you started.

Audio Pre-Rolls

When you're promoting a particularly high profile campaign, either for your brand or for a station, it may help to guarantee that your listeners hear the advert regardless of the time of day they choose to tune in.

The live stream pre-roll is an audio advert that plays every time a listener presses play on the live stream in their app or on your website, and the podcast pre-roll is an audio advert that plays at the beginning of every podcast.

These ads offer your advertiser guaranteed engagement with your audience as pre-rolls cannot be skipped or fast forwarded.

Detailed data and analytics are available for your audio engagement on your Metrics dashboard, and if you'd like to add a podcast or live-stream pre-roll to your app or website, simply drop us an email.

App Billboards

App billboards are scrollable images that appear when an app member first launches the app. Billboards are flighted for the duration of a specific time-period, and you can add multiple billboards to your app at a time.

Screenshot of a sponsored billboard.
Promotional billboards within your app

When booked by multiple advertisers, these can be sold at a premium rate depending on the order or set to be ordered randomly.

An optional call-to-action link can also be added to the billboard to direct interested people to a web page with more information, or even a phone number if phone calls are the desired outcome for that particular campaign.

Detailed stats and reporting are available on the number of views (impressions) and click-throughs that each billboard receives.

A screenshot of Metrics' Billboards View Summary
Use Metrics to view all of your Billboard engagement at a glance


There are also opportunities to offer your advertisers a presence within the 'Messages' tab on your app - via a sponsored conversation or channel.

A sponsored channel gives your advertiser the exclusive opportunity to access a community or audience through a branded service point in which they can share dynamic media content like videos, images, text, and voice notes or even promotional QR codes or barcodes.

The advertiser can choose either a two-way Conversation, in which the community can respond to them publicly and ask questions, or a one-way broadcast Channel, where only they can post content.

A channel sponsored by Geek Managed Services.
Offer your advertiser a Sponsored Channel

Directory of Services

Offer numerous advertisers, local businesses or even your own app community the opportunity to list their business or service, with add contact information such as their email address, website address and phone number.

A screenshot of Fabrik's services directory feature.
Offer a Service Directory listing

This opens up your advertising offering to a broader community of advertisers who may not have suitable services for the more prominent kinds of app inventory.


The dialboard is a panel for quick, one-touch dialling of useful community contacts within the app which can also be sponsored by an advertiser - offering them increased brand presence and an easy way for your audience to connect with them!

A screenshot of an app's dialboard.
Offer a Dialboard slot to advertisers

A Cloud Concierge button can also be added to the dialboard to offer your advertiser a branded attention button your audience can use to signify that they'd like to be contacted by the station or advertiser. (This is an opt-in service that sends the individual's registered contact details with the station or advertiser.)

Data Insights and Campaign Reporting

Fabrik also offers you a range of campaign management and reporting functionality you can use to make the most of the platform and inventory you have available.

Once you've considered the different kinds of advertising inventory you'd like to include in your revenue initiatives, you're now ready to empower your Sales team with training material and educate your advertisers on your new Fabrik inventory!

From there, you'd be well-positioned to run your next engagement campaign and offer your advertisers powerful insights into your audience engagement.

If you'd like a hand planning your next campaign, go ahead and get in touch!


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