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Get closer to your audience with Metrics!

Use key insights from Fabrik's Metrics application to track live engagement and audience behaviour over time.

If you're already a Fabrik client, you may have had the opportunity to start using the platform's newest application, Metrics - a real-time data visualisation and tool which offers a glimpse into your live audience engagement as well as key insights about your audience's behaviour over time.

Having access to this kind of information empowers your teams to make strategic decisions in real-time by gauging how your audience is responding to your content and programming.

Here are some examples of the kind of data and information that is now available to you via Metrics and, as the application evolves, our aim is to add even more insights related to audio engagement, as well as information around advertising inventory to strengthen your offering to advertisers.

Current app and Live-stream Engagement

View a summary of particularly useful live data, such as chat messages sent within the last hour, new member registrations and listeners accessing the live stream from your app or Fabrik-powered live-stream web widgets right now.

A summary of Metrics' live data
A summary of Metrics' live data

Live-Streaming from your Fabrik and icecast streams

A consolidated view of all streaming numbers from your Fabrik and Icecast streams. View the graph with trendlines to spot trends over time.

A summary of streaming from Fabrik & Icecast

App Engagement and downloads over time

It may also be useful for you to track the impact of campaigns or on-air calls-to-action by monitoring app engagement or app downloads over time.

App Engagement

View a summary of your app engagement over time, including:

  • Total app visits - the amount of times the app was accessed within the chosen period.

  • Unique visitors - the number of discrete individuals who accessed your app within the chosen period.

  • Unique registered visitors - the number of discrete individuals who have registered a profile within your app within the chosen period.

Metrics' app Engagement over time

App Downloads

It's also useful to know how many times your app has been downloaded on each platform - in total, or within a specified period.

Metrics' App Downloads over time

Billboard Advertising

If you are taking advantage of some of the advertising and revenue generating aspects of Fabrik such as billboards, then head over to Metrics to view all of your billboard campaigns in once centralised space, with billboard Views and Clicks visible at a glance.

Metrics' Billboard View Summary screen


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