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Record and publish your audio content in real time!

Use Fabrik to capture live radio content and immediately publish as a podcast or download a snippet of archived audio from any time in the past!

Fabrik's Echocast application is an audio recording and publishing tool built for the live radio environment. The application is browser-based, making it accessible via any secure desktop computer or mobile device and, due to its cloud-based technology, processes and shares your audio within seconds.

Echocast's home screen.
Access Echocast via your web or mobile browser

For many of our Fabrik operators, the real-time audio recording and podcasting capabilities found within the Echocast application have become an invaluable contribution to your daily workflows, allowing podcasts to be easily recorded and published in real time to your website and/or mobile app.

Podcasts displaying within the Fabrik app.
Publish podcasts to your app

Fabrik-powered podcast web widget.
Publish podcasts to your website

Within Echocast, you are empowered with the following audio recording and packaging capabilities:

Record real-time audio from your Live stream

Echocast's most distinguishing feature is the ability to record your radio broadcast in real time from your live stream, and publish the clip as a podcast - seconds after the live on-air moment occurs.

Echocast's audio recording screen.
Record real-time audio from your Fabrik live stream

To access this feature, simply tap the button in the top-left of the screen labelled 'Start Recording,' where you'll be able to record in real time, pause and resume for ad breaks, and add searchable metadata to your new podcast right before publishing.

Tag your content to make it more discoverable

Within Echocast, you have the ability to tag and add metadata to your podcasts to make it easier for your audience to search and find.

Go to the menu in the top-right of the screen to create Categories - which are similar to organisational ‘folders’ for grouping together related podcasts. Categories are typically created for regular features, news bulletins, and even regular shows eg. ‘Prank Call’, ‘News’ or ‘Breakfast’. Grouping recordings into Categories eases content discovery for your audience.

The Categories section of Echocast.
Use Categories to make podcasts more discoverable

Presets facilitate one-click recording, saving and publishing to further simplify and streamline the workflow of recording frequent/regular features.

Access the Presets section at the top-right of the screen. When configuring a preset, you would add the metadata, category and other settings that all podcasts with this preset would need to have, eliminating the need for this to be entered every time. Good examples are ‘News’ and ‘Sport’, but presets can also be created for any regular programming feature.

Create a Preset using Echocast.
Record, save & publish your podcast in one click using a Preset

A Featured podcast displaying within the Fabrik app.
Publish a Featured podcast

Create a featured podcast

When you set your podcast as 'Featured,' it will be published right at the top of the Rewind section in your app or web page - as the very first podcast your listener sees.

Featured podcast settings within Echocast.
Set your podcast as 'Featured' when publishing

This is particularly useful if you're running an advertising campaign, or would like to elevate a certain podcast in your app or website.

Upload existing audio File

If you have an existing piece of audio you'd like to publish as a podcast to your app or website, upload it via Echocast, add metadata and publish!

Echocast's manual upload functionality.
Upload audio files to Echocast

Download archived audio from any time in the past

Echocast offers you the ability to download an audio clip from your archive, to play again on-air or even send to an advertiser for your post-campaign analysis.

Echocast's request archived audio functionality.
Request a snippet of archived audio

All you have to do is tap the 'Request Audio Archive' button, specify the exact time of the audio you'd like to extract, which will then be emailed to you within minutes.


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