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Run smarter campaigns with Smashboard

Use Smashboard's updated campaign functionality to facilitate campaigns, search and filter entries, select winners and find content to play out on air!

Your Smashboard engagement dashboard recently received a number of upgrades aimed at empowering you to facilitate campaigns and competitions more easily - all in one place! Here are a few new things you can do in Smashboard:

Create an automated campaign response

Once you've created your campaign using the Campaign Manager in Smashboard, you can now create a customised automated response that will be sent directly to all entrants via the Contact Us direct conversation within their app.

A screenshot indicating the automated response Smashboard sends to competition entrants.
Smashboard Automated Response

In addition to using this feature to acknowledge the participant's successful entry into the campaign, your advertiser might like to book this Automated Response to send the participant more information about their offer, share their contact information, or prompt them to visit the advertiser's website.

Pick a campaign winner

You can now select your competition winner/s from a list of unique entries (the individuals who have successfully entered) or from a comprehensive list which may contain multiple entries per entrant. Once you've created the campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Find the 'Action' section of your campaign.

  2. Click the '...' symbol, which will give you a couple of options, then click 'Winners.'

  3. From there, configure your campaign to either 'allow multiple entries' from entrants or choose from a list of unique entries (one entry per entrant).

  4. Lastly, choose 'Pick Winner' and Smashboard will randomly select a winner for you!

Pick a Campaign Winner with Smashboard
Pick a Campaign Winner

Exclude recent winners from your campaign

Using the same process, you can also disqualify an entrant that has already won a competition within a specified timeframe by checking the box that says 'Disqualify previous winners' and then specifying the time period you'd like to exclude.

Exclude recent winners from your Campaign
Exclude recent winners from your Campaign

Filter for competition entries

Smashboard's new Campaign filter gives you the option to filter out all campaign entries or only show campaign entries. This is particularly useful when you're receiving many different kinds of engagement from your members to Smashboard, and you'd like to search for campaign entries which you can then select to play on air.

Filter all messages for Competition Entries

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