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Completing your App Store Listings

Step 1: Your App Description

When completing your App Description elements, refer to the table below.

For general best practices and guidelines, find out more on these websites:

Step 2: your Developer Page

Once your Google Developer account is created and paid for, you have a branding opportunity on the Google Play Store.

To create a developer page, you need to have at least one published app on Google Play.

People can visit your developer page to learn more about your brand and find all the apps that you’ve published on Google Play.

Developer pages aren’t required. If you don’t set up a developer page, other apps that you’ve published will continue to be displayed on your developer-specific app collections on Google Play.

Visit Google's own Developer page for a good example.

For best practices and guidelines, find out more on the Google website:

If you would like to brand your Google Developer page, you will need the following information:

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