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Billboard Options & Specs

Billboards offer a few different options you can use to engage your audience and delight your advertisers, such as polls and surveys, and can include rich media like audio and video.

Click on the link about which you'd like to find out more:

Image Specs

Billboard with a Link to a Website

This is the most popular request from advertisers, as it's simple to implement and drives traffic to their website.

An app member can tap anywhere inside the content safe zone to action the next step.

Design Guidelines:

Additional Requirements:

In addition to the billboard image, provide a website address that the billboard will open to should the app member tap on the image.

Billboard linking to a Poll

Design Guidelines:

Additional Requirements:

Coming Soon!

Billboard linking to a Survey

Design Guidelines:

Survey Question Guidelines:

  • We recommend a maximum of 10 questions to increase the number of completed surveys.

  • We recommend that the questions offer pre-determined responses for the respondent to choose from a list.

  • Free text questions are also possible.

Find out more about Billboard Surveys here.

Billboard linking to a Phone Number

Design Guidelines:

Additional Requirements:

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