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App Launch Ideas

Did you know that the highest frequency of app downloads occur in the first month after you announce your new app?

To take advantage of this period of high visibility, there are a few easy activities that can help you spread the word.

It's best to get started on these early, and have them ready to be promoted on the day of your app launch.

Note that we recommend our clients call listeners who use your app ‘members’ instead of ‘users’ - or you can even give your App Community Members a special name!

1. Incorporate News of your App into your Broadcast

If you are a radio station, this section is especially for you! If not - skip ahead to the next section.

Capture your listeners while they’re tuned in, with live reads and other live or pre-recorded promos.

It’s recommended that these start on the day of launch, and keep promoting your app indefinitely to sustain engagement.

  1. Launch Segment Add a segment into a few shows on Launch Day. Some ideas are:

    • Interview your Project Champion and talk about some of the features of the app.

    • Get your presenter to review and discuss the app in their show.

    • Ask your audience to send you a voice note, and play it on air.

      1. Live reads Your best influencers are your presenters!

        • Deliver live reads and/or pre-recorded clips frequently during launch week.

        • Reduce the frequency for the rest of the month.

        • After the initial launch phase, reduce the frequency a little more and play as a standard call-to-action in your usual programming.

Some Useful Talking Points

Why should people download the app?

  • “It’s our radio station in your pocket on the go/wherever you are!”

  • “The app is for our VIPs; an exclusive space where our most loyal listeners can connect directly with us!”

  • “Get the app to receive exclusive content that is only available on the app (not on social or website)”

Live streaming

  • “Never miss your favourite show/music again!”

  • “Did you know live streaming only uses 14MB per hour?”


  • “If you missed that incredible on-air moment/interview/feature, listen to the podcast in the app!”

  • “Listen again to that incredible on-air moment/interview/feature!”

  • “Share that incredible on-air moment/interview/feature with friends!”

  • “Catch the podcast of the latest News/Sport/Traffic update!”

‘Contact the Studio’ channel

  • “Message us directly in studio and we will respond directly to you.”

  • “Send us your voice note to play on air!”


  • “Chat with other listeners in Community Chat!”

  • “Mute a channel if you want to join but without an endless stream of notifications!”

  • Promote the read-only Channels you’ve created for Breaking News etc.

  • Special Offers – “exclusive offers only available to registered app members”

2. Use Activations to Increase Awareness of your App

When introducing something new, nothing beats the impact of a face-to-face interaction:

  • Take advantage of an upcoming activation or Outside Broadcast to plan your Launch Day.

  • At regular activations, include a "download squad" of a few team members who are on-hand to help people download the app and register their profile.

  • Special activations at regular intervals driving new downloads and new registrations.

At activations, it's handy to have:

  1. A banner or two promoting the app so people can see at a distance.

  2. Wi-Fi provided by yourself or the venue so people don't have to use their cellular data to download the app.

3. Tell the Media

Send a Media Release describing your app to your local print and online media publications.

Here are a few paragraphs you could customize and distribute:

Headline: HipHop FM launches their mobile app!

On 1 May 2021, KZN-based community radio station HipHop FM launched their brand new mobile app.

HipHop FM, which broadcasts 24/7 to 200,000 listeners in the Umhlanga, Phoenix, La Lucia and Verulam communities, is excited to embark on a journey of digital transformation…

Says John Snow, MD of HipHop FM, “…”

The HipHop FM app is currently available for Android smartphones, with an iPhone app on the way! To download the app, search for ‘HipHop FM’ on the Google Play Store, or visit this link on your phone: [insert link]

And if you can, why not go ahead and use print media?!

4. Use your own Digital Platforms

Your key metrics in measuring app audience growth should take into consideration your digital audience on your social media.

Your social media plan over the launch period (and constantly thereafter!) should incorporate the promotion of your app and its various features and content.

Here are some brilliant examples from some of our clients:

5. Send out an Emailer to your Partners, Industry

If you currently maintain an email database where you communicate with your partners, the media, advertisers and even your audience, you can send out an emailer to them informing them that you have a new app!

In general, you should consider migrating all existing platforms you use to communicate with your audience (such as emails and WhatsApp) to your app. During the transition period, you can use these channels as a way to encourage your audience to engage with you via your app.

Within this emailer, it would be useful to include some of the benefits of the app to encourage your audience.

6. Add to your Email Signature

To let your personal and/or professional contacts know that you have an app, create an image (including the App Download Badges) which you can add to your email signature.

Here is a handy guide to generating an email signature with Google and Apple download links and how to add these to your outgoing emails:

Be sure to check out some of our other How-To Guides on how you can encourage your community to download your app!

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