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Fabrik is a suite of digital ‘born in the cloud’ tools and workflows, equipping you with the ability to build highly engaged, loyal, niche digital audiences alongside your traditional terrestrial analogue, passive audience. 

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Introducing the Fabrik ‘Digital Leap’ 

Are you a media organisation that is: 

  • looking to future-proof your business by investing in your own digital platform,  

  • looking to consolidate your digital supply chain & fragmented audience engagement channels, and bring efficiency to your online media operational workflows, or 

  • fundamentally recognise the need to take ownership of building a digital audience that you can own, manage, and protect in order to better engage and therefore monetise? 


If you’ve answered yes to the above but aren’t entirely sure of what’s involved, where or how to get started or who to partner with, and you have limited resources, then Fabrik’s ‘Digital Leap’ programme is just for you! 

Why has Fabrik embarked

upon the Digital Leap programme? 

We appreciate that digital transformation can seem difficult, risky, intimidating and costly. 


But we also know that, with the right support and through a structured programme, success can be realised when commitment to strategic priorities are supported by a combination of world-class technology and the experience our team have in working with a host of other broadcast entities to effectively adopt the Fabrik technology. 


The Digital Leap programme seeks to empower those who deeply understand the need for digital transformation in their media organisation but do not necessarily have access to the skills, resources and funding required to make their strategic vision a reality.  


With insights and lessons learned from early clients, we’ve developed an attractive and low-risk transformation programme for media owners called Digital Leap that helps them overcome their single biggest risk… Until they have a significant enough digital audience, they cannot be sustainable - but they cannot build that audience without affording to invest in the technology and the transformation it takes.  


With the benefit of the Digital Leap experience, clients can confidently embark on their transformation journey knowing the quality of support and guidance their continued investment can bring them. 

What is it?


Fabrik’s ‘Digital Leap’ programme is designed to launch your organisation into its digital transformation journey and encompasses everything you need to get started!  


This includes the relevant software license subscription, adoption and change management consulting, and the platform inventory necessary to create new and exciting non-traditional, digital revenue opportunities. 


The Digital Leap programme will be made available for a determined period depending on your specific need, and at the end of the programme, you would ideally have reached the point where you’ve built up sustainable platform revenue to continue to pay the monthly licensing and services costs yourself. 

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