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A Digital Transformation Programme for Community Radio Stations

Applications are now closed

Are you a Community Radio Station that is: 

  • looking to future-proof your business by investing in your own digital platform,  

  • looking to consolidate your digital supply chain & fragmented audience engagement channels, and bring efficiency to your online media operational workflows, or 

  • fundamentally recognise the need to take ownership of building a digital audience that you can own, manage, and protect in order to better engage and therefore monetise? 


If you’ve answered yes to the above but aren’t entirely sure of what’s involved, where or how to get started or who to partner with, and you have limited resources, then Fabrik’s ‘Digital Leap’ programme is just for you! 


Applications for this round are closed but get in touch to find out more.




To talk to one of our team, give us your details and we will call you back.



We'll take you through a live demo of the Fabrik digital software platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your answer here? Email us.

  • What is the duration of the programme?
    The Digital Leap programme for Community Media is a 12 month programme being a minimum duration our current data and case studies suggest. If we are able to attract funding support for participants we believe a more appropriate duration and an increased chance of success would be 2-3 years. This would allow participants to buffer some of the deliverables in the journey to success – growing a digital presence, servicing that digital community and then creating revenue sustainability from that community.
  • What do you get from the programme?
    Each applicant is assessed on their individual needs. But overall the programme allows each applicant the relevant software license subscription to the Fabrik platform, adoption and change management consulting, and the platform inventory necessary to create new and exciting non-traditional, digital revenue opportunities. the product/tech, as well as adoption/training/tactics/ marketing/ support/skills transfer.
  • What is the process after application and how long? And when does it all commence?
    Interested parties will fill in an Application Form online. This is assessed by a screening team, and checked. If the application is fully completed, and carries all the relevant information, this will be sent through for the assessment committee to vet or call the applicant for an interview to gain more clarity or better understand their situation, or find out why they have applied. This typically takes 2 to 3 weeks. Thereafter, if successful, an offer is drawn up in writing for the applicant to look through, agree on and accept. This offer is a binding agreement on both parties and specific success measures are put in place. The programme will start from the time of signing the agreement and the launch teams begin the process of on-boarding the client and starting them on their digital journey. The programme will start applicants in “batches” or “waves” to move them through together.
  • Is it possible to crowd in additional funds from other partners?
    Yes, in fact the programme works even more effectively with your own existing network extension, or if you allow the Fabrik team to bring in their own sub-set of partners. This could include technology partners, advertisers or interested funders. This may not be in the form of funds, but more in terms of connecting communities and leveraging relationships to assist the applicants success in their respective journey.
  • What happens after the programme ends?
    The Digital Leap programme will be made available for a determined period depending on the specific needs, and at the end of the programme, the organisation should be able to continue and sustain the costs and benefits of the digital transformation themselves through ROI from the transformation in terms of efficiencies, relevancy and revenue creation.
  • What is expected/required from a successful applicant during the programme?
    The specific requirements would be outlined in the offer made to the applicant. These are clearly stated and time required. This includes a commitment in terms of time and effort to attend the sessions for success, a clear delivery on the execution plan and feedback to the Fabrik team in set sessions
  • What is not covered/excluded in the programme?
    Again, specifications would be outlined in the offer made to the applicant, however hardware, connectivity (In terms of data and connection costs) computers and staffing is not covered in the offers.

Interested in Fabrik?

Future-proof your radio station with a suite of tools that delivers operational efficiency to your team and a modern communication experience for your listener - all while growing your own private social network.



Fabrik’s ‘Digital Leap’ programme is designed to launch your organisation into its digital transformation journey and encompasses everything you need to get started! This includes the relevant software license subscription, adoption and change management consulting, and the platform inventory necessary to create new and exciting non-traditional, digital revenue opportunities.


The Digital Leap programme will be made available for a determined period depending on your specific need, and at the end of the programme, you would ideally have reached the point where you’ve built up sustainable platform revenue to continue to pay the monthly licensing and services costs yourself.

Digital Transformation for Radio

“Community media’s aim is to provide trusted information and expression, and Fabrik has helped do that”

- Tamie Mbombo, Head of Marketing and PR at Izwi loMzansi.

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Hear from Thought Leaders

in Community Media

  • Phil Molefe
    Business Development & Strategy - Fabrik

  • Cecil J. Nguvauva
    Secretary General - Southern African Broadcasting Association

  • Bérard Duprès
    CEO – Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation

  • Shoeshoe Qhu
    Station Manager - Voice of Wits FM

  • Tim Zunckel
    Head of Radio Days Africa and radio consultant


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