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About our team

Phil Molefe

Business Development & Strategy

A veteran journalist and Media Executive with a wealth of experience in both the print and electronic media that spans nearly 40 years, Phil joined the immedia ecosystem as a director and a member of the executive committee.

Phil has extensive corporate experience in Media, both in South Africa and internationally. He has spent the greater part of his professional career in Public Service Broadcasting, covering all corners of the trade – news reporting, producing documentaries, studio production, anchor and Executive Management. He has served as the Vice President of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association as well as Executive Member of the African Union of Broadcasting and has conducted media training across Africa, helping to build several TV stations on the continent.

Phil’s greatest passion is to develop African media as well as its practitioners to global, competitive levels using digital technologies like Fabrik to revolutionise the media industry and usher in massive opportunities for both community and the mainstream, commercial media.

He is fascinated by the prospect of rural communities becoming part of the digital world, thanks to Fabrik’s unique value proposition as a veritable convergent platform, and its ability to open the doors for community-based media to develop at the same technological speed as the advanced, more well-resourced commercial stations.

His mission: “Elevating African media to global, competitive standards.”

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