Anice Hassim

Product Lead

Anice is a recognised innovator and thought leader in media, technology and people development with over 30 years of experience in working at the intersection of people and technology.

Phil Molefe

Business Strategy

A veteran journalist and Media Executive, with a wealth of experience in both the print and electronic media that spans nearly 40 years, Phil joined the immedia ecosystem as a director and a member of the executive committee.

Bevan Andriés

Platform Adoption

Having joined the immedia ecosystem almost a decade ago, Bevan has brought a wealth of knowledge to the Fabrik team from an established career in radio and systems engineering, at the place where technology and media intersect.

Neil Meintjes

Product Development & Revenue Generation

Neil is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for clever, synergistic digital business models and applications who has recently joined the Fabrik team from an established career in the technology and digital media space.

Tanya Wakeling

Business Development

Tanya has worked operationally and strategically within several different business units of the immedia ecosystem and has been instrumental in contributing to the thinking around the workflows that empower the way our clients use and adopt the Fabrik platform.

Kelly Pringle

Support & Choreography

Since joining the Fabrik business team just over a year ago, Kelly has  been involved in building relationships and trust with our Fabrik clients and interfacing between the operational and technical teams to bring projects to fruition.

James Smith

Technical Lead

James is our product lead accountable for the core architecture and development of Fabrik. He has gained respect from developers with all specialisations. James’ development experience spans all major areas, from online through to Android, iOS, UWP apps, API development and now Cloud technologies.

Selene Shah


A geek by nature, Selene started her career in tech as a front-end web developer at immedia. While the small team grew to embrace mobile app dev, she channelled her passion for problem-solving into building the business, and is now a member of the executive committee at the immedia ecosystem.